Literature enthusiast and cat butler with a background in fine arts, Taiwanese designer Angela’s works revolve around conceptualizing and ideating, branding, and everything print. Her works often implement experimental yet clean styles, as well as bold colors. As a critical thinker and problem-solver, she is a fast learner that continually seeks to enhance her skills and knowledge. If not working, she is either listening to true crime video essays while keeping up with current design directions, or sparking up debates and discussions for broader perspectives and information (and entertainment.)


Black Sheep of Lion City

An initiative that encourages the rethinking of attitudes towards Singapore’s creative scene.

The young and flourishing sunny Singapore, like other nations, create media content with the intent to develop and positive brand image and to attract benefits. Such image not only reflect the values of the nation, but also how the rest of the world views it. The promoted elements create a subliminal standard and narrowed definition as to how their people should live, which contributes to the ever-present stigma surrounding outlier careers, particularly the creative industry. Singapore’s talents remain hidden and unnoticed due to their nation’s wishes to grow, while the younger generation of creatives hopefully await for the world to recognize their nation for its creative potential instead of for their economic affairs.

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and Identity
  • Print and Publication
  • Typography