My experience in design has encompassed a variety of projects, including branding, publications, and motion-sensor installations, but my proudest project is ‘Indonesia’s Colonialism and Decolonisation through Coin Iconographies’. Through it, I honed my problem-solving skills, blending technical know-how with my creative vision to produce designs that are aesthetically pleasing and effective in communicating their messages. I am proud to be a designer! Conveying meaningful messages in a beautiful yet effective way. Let’s connect and make a positive impact through design.


Flipping The Coins

The Visual Exploration of Indonesia's Colonialism and Decolonisation through the Study of Coin Iconography

A design research project that examines the history of colonialism and decolonisation in Indonesia through the symbols and iconographies depicted in colonial and post-colonial coins. The project explores how the Dutch colonial period influenced the design of Indonesian coins and how these symbols changed after Indonesia gained independence. By analysing these coins, the project aims to reveal the hidden messages and meanings behind these symbols, and how they reflect Indonesia's struggle to find its own identity in the post-colonial era. Through a combination of historical research and visual analysis, this project sheds light on the complex history of Indonesia's colonial and post-colonial periods, and how they continue to shape the country's cultural identity today.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
  • Artefacts