Studied video and animation in Korea for four years and design in Singapore for three years. I am a content addict and creator who always consumes content such as music, movies, animations, novels, webtoons, dramas, and games. I want to observe people and communicate with the world through their stories.



exploring and revealing self-perception and projection on masks

When communicating with others, we reveal or hide our true feelings or identity. I think everyone wears a mask and takes it off while living in this society. Masks are one of the means that humans often use to hide emotions. But the paper bag mask I drew plays a role in revealing emotions. t can be emphasized that the face on the paper bag mask hides negative emotions. At the same time, the face on the mask reveal their feelings. Through this Irony, I want to say how hard it is for humans to hide emotions and how important it is to express their emotions freely. I drew a comic book to convey these messages more interestingly to the target audience. Expressing the double mind and fear of a person who wants to hide her inner self but also wants to reveal it through a layer called a mask. The final goal of this work is to reveal one's true face-to-face by unmasking the layer of it. she slowly removes her mask with the help of another person. She has become emotionally honest to understand herself better and identify her needs. This is a mature growth of a person.

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Print and Publication