An archive of final year design projects

BA (Hons) Design Communication

Faculty of Design

LASALLE College of the Arts


Design is not just about creating the perfect artefact. It is also about the magic that happens while foraging and working through what may at first seem imperfect or unfinished. Like offcut pieces created through the process of making and designing, these processes evoke exciting beginnings of ideas and possibilities beyond the work in view.

In this spirit, this website showcase celebrates and presents the confluence of diverse creative beginnings of around 80 graduates from the School of Design Communication (Faculty of Design). As much as they are the culmination of years of study, experimentation, and dedication to excellence, they are also where new practices and knowledge emerge. Who says graduation showcases are where projects end?

Just as the students have been encouraged to courageously pursue what they have found and started here at LASALLE, we invite you to view the works here as preludes to shared designed futures — where project ideas and prototypes converge with the larger interests of society and creative communities in the field of design commun ication.