Isabelle is an artist with an interest in illustration for children's media. With a background in animation, she is often inclined to create fun, thought provoking experiences whilst incorporating playful visual narratives. Through pursuing her BA in Design Communication, she has built a well rounded skill set that allows her to tackle any creative challenge. Aside from her academic endeavours, Isabelle passionately pursues her side business in which she creates and sells her own art merchandise online.



A social card game for online kids to make friends in person.

This project was primarily inspired by introverted children who often seek solace in online friendships and those who struggle making friends in real life. In virtual worlds, there is a sort of gamification to the act of forming bonds. The element of play provides an informal incentive that allows players to feel comfortable in engaging socially. With this in mind, I created Click, an ice breaking card game that draws from the design considerations of children’s Social Virtual Worlds; making the act of making friends and getting to know each other less daunting. Click acts as a hybrid bridging tool that encourages players to bond both in real life and online.Through the card game, children are encouraged to play and get to know each other; it then rewards them with Prompts which they can then use to design a character avatar. This avatar acts as a representation of themselves as well as the bonds that they’ve made while playing with each other. Players can then upload the avatar to the Click app, where they can share their avatar with people all over the world and continue building their friendships by connecting with friends via NFC.

  • Interaction
  • User Experience
  • Illustration