Eunchae is a Korean graphic designer currently based in Singapore. She is primarily interested in creating a visual identity through branding, packaging design, printing, and crafting. As a detail-oriented and positive person, she is passionate about her work and possesses a strong desire to continuously learn. Eunchae strives to bring her unique design style to each project, believing that everyone has a valuable contribution to make in the design world.


A Material Studies on Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

Offering sustainable solutions by upcycling and creating new forms

The project seeks to address the growing problem of disposable waste generated from delivery services in the aftermath of the global pandemic, with a particular focus on the disposal of wooden chopsticks. Disposable wooden chopsticks are a significant source of waste due to their short lifespan, but these items tend to be easily ignored. The main objective of the project is to provide a sustainable solution using disposable wooden chopsticks that are discarded during the delivery service process. New solutions range from upcycling ideas to creating new forms. The experimentation was conducted using sawdust as a substitute for disposable wooden chopsticks to allow sufficient time for experimentation. The study explores the possibility of upcycling through three experimental methods, including mixing at room temperature, boiling, and extracting liquid after mixing sliced sawdust with various adhesive materials.

  • Print and Publication
  • Craft and Making