I am an illustrator and graphic designer with five years of experience. I have a degree in Design Communication and a diploma in Animation. Nothing brings me greater joy than diving into imaginative projects and bringing them to life. I enjoy refining my skills and finding new experiences.


Mind Less

Easing Social Anxiety through Sensory Design and Simulated Companionship

This project explores and attempts to ease social anxiety through the use of sensorial design and simulated companionship. Mind Less consists of a jellyfish-like installation called the Jelly Pod. The Jellypod is made of plush material and fleece, meant to mimic a plush toy. The user is meant to place in upon their hand to simulate a sense of calmness. A rug designed to look like a seabed the user sits on. A blanket feature is also present to create a sense of warmth and security. The jellybud is a hand-shaped plush that the user can grasp with their hands and bring home afterwards.

  • Print and Publication
  • Craft and Making
  • Exhibition and Installation