Abdul Matin has a keen interest in creative technology, combining artistic expression with accessible tools and techniques. With a passion for innovation, he explores the intersection of design and technology, constantly pushing boundaries to create captivating and interactive experiences. His work reflects a deep understanding of both aesthetics and functionality.


Positive Distractions

'Positive Distractions' enhances healing spaces with nature-inspired elements: greenery, water, and animals.

The well-being of healthcare patients is paramount, yet the stress caused by illness can be further compounded by the cold and unwelcoming atmosphere of hospital waiting rooms. Recognising this, 'Positive Distractions' takes an innovative approach to alleviate patient stress. By integrating nature-inspired interventions like vibrant greenery, serene water features, and gentle interactions with animals, the project transforms the clinical environment into a haven of tranquillity. This infusion of natural elements creates a soothing and calming ambience, nurturing a sense of well-being for patients, promoting healing, and fostering a positive mindset during their healthcare journey.

  • Technology
  • Interaction
  • Computation