Aditi is a creative technologist and graphic designer exploring the intersectional space between humans, nature and the machine. Her proficiency lies in coded experiences, and she is always excited about creating motion-driven experimental typography and generative art, as well as speculative artefacts and physical computing. She is soothed by the reliability of visual repetition and fascinated when it’s broken. She is obsessed with bright organic colours and loves abstraction. Most importantly, she’s always evolving and under construction.



A speculative project that explores tangible human-plant interactions to reconnect with nature.

Bio-Interfaces is an exploratory and speculative project that facilitates tangible interactions through plants as mediating interfaces. It explores how every human’s inherent biophilia can be utilised to enable further opportunities for human-plant communication and connection. The project consists of a series of experiments looking into various manifestations of tangible human-plant interactions, documented in a Catalogue of Making. These experiments culminate in two prototypes: the first being ‘human+plant+axidraw’, where initiated touch with the plant results in a machine-drawn physical sketch. The second is ‘cellular automata’, a prototype in which each plant is given a screen medium to express itself and react to human-instigated touch through intricate algorithmic patterns. Ultimately, ‘Bio-Interfaces’ invites you to imagine what communication between plants and humans can look like in a future where nature and technology can converge for the greater good, and how poetic and nurturing mindsets towards nature be encouraged and sustained.

  • Technology
  • Interaction
  • Computation