Quirky and hybrid designer from Lasalle. I do more on creative technology and graphic with a passion on filmmaking and photography because why not. Definitely enjoy adventures and travelling with the intend to gain more experience and being constantly inspired my new culture, designs and people. Never stop searching for new ideas and innovations. You Only Live Once my friends.



Why work hard when you can work smart?

The quick development of AI technology will inevitably make the job of designers much simpler. The field of graphic design is being redefined by artificial intelligence. It offers designers a variety of advantages, such as process automation and simplification. Using interactive prototypes that will be taught through a series of workshops to encourage designers to become creative technologists by exploring creative machine learning. Through a series of interactive machine learning experiments using audio, posenets, and generative art, a systemic approach has been taken from the initial ideation, prototyping, and testing that will go hand in hand with my

  • Technology
  • Interaction
  • Computation
  • Generative Design
  • Artefacts