Rachel is a multidisciplinary visual designer whose interest lies in experiential design and conceptual thinking. Her strong curiosity in visualising the intangibility of all things has motivated her to experiment with a myriad of materials, techniques and methods. Combined with the intermeshed concepts of computation and design, her works reposition the humanistic qualities of identities within the digital and physical realms. Through her reflective approaches in the design process, she seeks to explore new ways of making through interdisciplinary practices.



Experiments into the potential of generative visuals as representations of online identities

Selfscapes explores the redefinition of online identities through experimentation with generative visuals to enhance the expression and perception of identities. Motivated by the multiplicity of identity constructions, the Selfscapes prototypes act as identity tools that evocatively represent the psychological, behavioural and algorithmic dimensions of the self. In particular, emotional states, voices and digital footprint are analysed as key identifiers of digital identity in the developed prototypes. The first prototype, Affective Data Objects, examines the psychological influence of emotional states on the online behaviour of users through keystroke detection. The second prototype, Voices as Personality, looks into the scientific analysis of vocal traits in relation to user personalities through typographic expressions. The third prototype, Behavioural Constructs, delves into the raw form of behavioural data–digital footprint–in the embodiment of behavioural identity through screentime tracking. As such identity is perceived through various lenses to reconfigure the perceptions of digital identity and impart a renewed sense of identification with the online self. The Selfscapes prototypes engage the physical and digital selves in constructing identities to offer an interactive experience that transcends the divide between physical and digital bodies.

  • Digital Fabrication
  • Computation
  • Generative Design