Aimee Junoes is a Singapore-based designer passionate about branding, art direction, and illustration. She is consistently striving to explore alternative perspectives and novel approaches to design problems. Her work reflects her passion for using design as a tool for addressing social and environmental issues, particularly in the areas of climate change and sustainability. She believes that designers have a responsibility to create work that contributes positively to society and strives to use her skills to make a meaningful impact.


Urban Plastisphere

Exploring the role of interactive artefacts in soliciting awareness of plastic pollution.

The issue of plastic pollution continues to plague our society as reports of its adverse impact on marine, and terrestrial ecosystems continue to emerge. Marine plastic pollution poses a threat to Indonesia as an archipelagic country, yet simultaneously, the country is one of the biggest contributors towards the issue. Through the establishment of the National Plan of Action (NPOA), the Indonesian government aims to reduce its marine plastic emissions by 70% in 2025. To achieve this, five core pillars of strategies were enacted, one of which is to promote awareness of the issue. Urban Plastisphere entails the exploration of interactive design artefacts with a discursive agenda that aims to instigate audience reflection on the pervasive use of plastic in Jakarta, Indonesia. The project explores various forms, materials and interactivity to create design objects that serve as catalysts for reflection and encourage a shift towards more sustainable practices.

  • Interaction
  • Print and Publication
  • Artefacts