A multi-disciplinary designer with experience in creating brand identities and illustration. Specialised in illustration and branding, Sadhna takes a rigorous and methodical approach to creating design solutions. Often seen with a kopi peng siew dai and her trusty Macbook, she is keen to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses to create great design.


Farm to Fork Phenotype

Evoking greater appreciation of our chicken origins, from birth to bone.

Singaporeans trust heavily on marketers to make food-buying choices as they are disconnected from their food resources. In an island that imports 90 percent of their food, Gen Zs, perceive food as more of social currency than a necessity, unaware of where and how our food comes from. Researchers of the broiler chicken morphotype evidence that this breed of chicken is unable to live without intensive human intervention. This modern broiler chicken that we consume has a distinctive wide shaped body, a low centre of gravity and multiple other problems with its anatomy. It is significantly different in breed from the red jungle fowl often seen roaming across Singapore as well. Hence, chicken as a large signifier and a significant symbol of human consumption’s impact on our food resources, Farm to Fork Phenotype utilises this provenance and data of chicken through interaction design to create speculative interactions to evoke appreciation of our chicken origins, from birth to bone. By introducing Gen Zs to engage through the medium of this prominent source of protein where Singapore had experienced a food insecurity for the first time, these interactions aim to generate discourse and appreciation for our food resources.

  • Advertising
  • Generative Design
  • Illustration