Seoyeon is a visual designer primarily interested in print, digital, photography, and branding. I am interested in finding problems in everyday life and solving them through design. I think design is an effective way to give people a chance to see things from different perspectives and empathize with them.


Interactive Signage

Explore the design of interactive signages that interpret a neighbourhood’s identity through generative visuals.

Interactive Signage interprets and refreshes the identity of a neighborhood through signage. This work utilizes visual programming languages with real-time interactive multimedia content that encourages audiences to engage with generative visuals. The graphics that I created evolve when people get close or away from the signage. This creates a strong sense of curiosity and attracts people to interact with the signage. But more importantly, it gives the user a refreshed perspective from a static, common sign they see at Little India, providing them with a fresh cultural experience from an iconic neighborhood.

  • Interaction
  • Computation
  • Generative Design