A designer at heart, creative thinker by nature with a passion-driven soul, I love looking for opportunities to gain skills and experiences that can bring me to greater heights as a creative designer. I am currently the founder of an online personalised gift business Sarangly, a full-time student in BA (HONS) DESIGN COMMUNICATION in Lasalle, and a freelance graphic designer who has worked with brands across FMCG and F&B industries. I am experienced in creating and executing creative projects from graphic design, product design, branding, to social media marketing, and is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After Effects, Html, CSS and Unity.


Phygi Land

Phygi Land is a global metaverse marketplace that showcases phygital collectibles

Phygi Land is a global digital metaverse marketplace that provides a 3D space for buyers and sellers to interact with Phygital assets. It consists of three spaces: Phygi Pop, Phygi Heroes, and Phygi Mart, where the collectibles are organized according to their respective categories. These Phygital assets are created by 3D scanning physical collectibles to create an NFT counterpart on the blockchain. This allows for the convenience and accessibility of digital assets while still being able to interact with the physical collectible.

  • Technology
  • Interaction
  • Community