The learning process is one of the most important parts of my life as someone who loves to learn. As much as possible, I like to take on projects that excite me and will teach me new skills and provide me with new experiences each time I work on them.


Ubiquitous Nuisance

A study on the effectiveness of soundwalk as a research tool to discover sources of urban noise in Singapore public parks.

Today, people tend to pay little attention to the soundscape of their surroundings because of constant distractions. There is an increasing amount of man-made noise in the local soundscape as a result of the rapidly accelerating pace of societal growth. Such urban noise adversely affects people and animals living in the same environment. As urban noise pollution has become so commonplace, humans have become desensitised to it. To raise public awareness of urban noise pollution and changing routine behaviours, this project examined the ways in which soundwalks can be used to evaluate the effects of urban noise on the environment. Field recordings from public parks in Singapore were collected and analysed to determine the level of urban noise pollution in local parks. As a result of the field recordings, the project's design outcomes were created.

  • Exhibition and Installation
  • Artefacts
  • Computation