Franchesca is a designer whose primarily interest lies in print, illustration and photography. She finds joy in adding a splash of fun to her designs while attempting to address issues that uncommon and viewed from a different perspective. When not designing, she is usually playing sports or staring at her plants at home.


Nostalgia and Simulation in Singapore

Exploring nostalgia as a 'non-experienced' and recontextualised past in contemporary Singapore

Connecting with our past has resulted in nostalgia-related design surfacing in recent years, due to feelings of positivity when reminiscing the old. With the nostalgia boom, everything around Singapore were being branded as 'heritage'. With the realisation that many of us, specifically Gen Zs, romanticize about things from a period outside their lived past I decided to explore the relation between nostalgia and simulation as a Gen Z myself. My project looks into nostalgia as recollections of an over-romanticized past, a non-experienced past as well as a past that no longer exist today. With the use of photography and mixed media, I have produced 3 outcomes: 'Deromanticizing Nostalgia', 'The Last of Sand Playgrounds' and 'Facadism of Nostalgia in Singapore', that are based on the issues mentioned.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
  • Illustration