Jimin Kim is a Korean who attended an international school in Xiamen, China, and wanted to communicate design with diverse groups of people. She studied at LASALLE College of the Arts with the goal of expanding her international perspective. Furthermore, her graduation project provided confidence and problem-solving skills, as well as a better understanding of cultures from around Singapore and South Korea.


Travels in Multilingual Typography

Negotiating multilingual contexts with Hangul, Jawi and Latin

Traveling is about experiencing a world unlike mine and wandering around unfamiliar places. The multilingual typography in Singapore is typical because of its diversity of religions and races, while the multilingual typography in South Korea is not typical. This study aims to investigate the typographic matching in Hangul, Jawi, and English typography and match the same phonetic sounds in Korean and Jawi. A Cross-cultural communication poster series shows that the different Korean, Malay, and English calligraphy harmonize effectively with the understanding across cultures. A Hanjalish Hybrid Letterform poster series is modified from Sandoll Gothic, Myriad Arabic, and Helvetica styles. A Korean saek-dong pattern is a traditional rainbow color, and the pastel spectrum rainbow color represents the Western style. A Hanjalish Hybrid Letterform publication is an archive that introduces primary research, differences between Hangul, Jawi, and English typographic styles, and visual surveys in Kampong Gelam and Busan.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
  • Illustration