I am an international student from Myanmar. Chinese is at native level, while English is at the average level. As a graduated student, I have absolute responsibility and patience and I am eager to learn and listen to more suggestions. I am very interested in graphic design and photography and would like to have the opportunity to meet new people, learn more new knowledge and skills, and further my development in the design field.


Benjarong Pattern

A study of the Benjarong pattern and a simplification test.

Benjarong is an intangible cultural heritage of Thailand. It was originally made in China during the Ayutthaya Kingdom for Thai royal tableware. It is now very popular among foreign tourists. Nevertheless, learning the craft requires a great deal of talent and experience, and the delicacy and complexity of Patterns give the beginners the idea of giving up. At the same time, Thai researchers found that although the Benjarong porcelain brought back was brightly coloured and well crafted, its unique style prevented it from fitting into the homes of foreign visitors. Benjarong's design evolution has been stagnant for almost a century, according to research. A lot of what is created today is just an imitation of ancient designs, which couldn't suit modern usage or taste. This study wanted to take a closer look at Benjarong itself through pattern analysis. The next step is to try to simplify it and provide a simple reference for advancing new patterns in overseas markets.

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