Zeke finds joy in interaction and is interested in human-centric design. With experience in the hospitality and creative industries, he has honed his communication skills and gained exposure to various aspects of design, including the importance of human-centred design in creating engaging interactions. Zeke understands the importance of learning new technical skills to create impactful designs across various mediums. He aspires to contribute to innovative and meaningful design solutions that put human interaction at the forefront.


奇 [qí]

Finding Home in Transient Spaces

Transient spaces like hotel rooms can be alienating even when imbued with an air of familiarity. Can we really make ourselves 'at home' when surrounded by a bland palette of 'neutral' colours and textures? This project subverts our expectations of looking for but never finding 'home' in hotels by injecting these 'non-places' with a dose of the surreal through dynamic surface treatments.

  • Interaction
  • Generative Design
  • Exhibition and Installation