A positive and highly motivated individual with at least 1 year of experience in the field of Events, Promotions and Marketing and Graphics internship experience. Exhibiting great interest in the arts and looking to switch careers to explore the world of designing.


Japanese Magazine Culture

Exploring fan experience through idol imagery found in Japanese Magazine Culture

Generally, Japanese magazines are a common publicity tool that indirectly builds upon the intertextualities derived from the production and distribution of Japanese idols – as images and the fan experience that surrounds them. A good exemplification of this relationship is the frantic devouring of any and all idol imageries available during 雑誌祭り (zasshi matsuri a.k.a. magazine matsuri). Magazine matsuri commonly refers to the event where a large influx of magazines featuring a specific idol and/or idol group will be released within a short period before and/or during the release of their project This series of explorations into the periodical design and fan engagement hopes to bridge the understanding of how fan experience is mediated through idol images in Japanese magazine culture.

  • User Experience
  • Print and Publication