A driven, highly-motivated designer by heart, with a passion for art, entrepreneurship, and food. I’m fluent in various graphic design softwares, skilled in marketing collateral design and visual storytelling, and am looking for exciting challenges and opportunities to contribute and put my skills and creativity to use. Having worked with creative teams before, I also understand the importance of great time management, and am respectful of deadlines, on top of being a team player with the flexibility and eagerness to handle diverse assignments in the realm of marketing and design.


Narrativising Indonesian Luxury Labels

Exploring the correlation between visual storytelling and aesthetic experience.

This project seeks to discover how visual narratives create an aesthetic experience through observations and extensive research in the context of Indonesian luxury labels. Understanding how different visual elements, such as environmental and editorial graphics, interact with the environment—virtual or physical—in which they are presented can provide valuable insights into how brands communicate their values and identity to consumers. The project concluded with an exhibition, 'Luxury is Simple: How LULU LUTFI LABIBI Does It?' on 19–20 April 2023. The exhibition explores the correlation between visual storytelling and aesthetic experience, focusing on the spatial experience of both virtual and physical environments of LULU LUTFI LABIBI—a luxury ready-to-wear brand based in Yogyakarta. The exhibition celebrates the brand, the designer, and its creative process, showcasing my perspective as a designer on the brand's visual storytelling aspects.

  • Advertising
  • Branding and Identity
  • Exhibition and Installation