Hi! I’m Aryaman Munish. I’m a designer with a practice focussed around experimental typography and 3D artwork. I believe experimental letters, typography and fonts carry the ability to communicate feelings and ideas, and over the years I have gotten to display this ability for clients such as GQ Magazine, Louis Vuitton, Squarespace and more.


A Little Goes A Long Way

Video and poster campaign highlighting why India needs to destigmatize conversations about sex, consent and rape in Indian society.

In India, a woman is raped every 16 minutes. Despite public outrage, the problem of rape continues to persist. Research suggests that solid father-sons relationships reduce the likelihood of the sons portraying sexually aggressive behavior. This project aims to use visual storytelling as a series of animations to teach fathers of young boys the profound impact small lessons about personal boundaries can have as the son grows into adulthood. The sequence of the animations follows the Entertainment-Education theory, a Social and Behaviour Change Communication strategy commonly used in India to impart social learning. The posters act as a supplementary campaign that promotes conversations between sons, fathers, friends and so on, highlighting how delving deeper into uncomfortable topics like consent and domestic violence can help make India safer for women.

  • Graphic Design
  • Community
  • Social Media