Before enrolling into the programme, Raph was a self-taught creative trying to switch from an education in science. His passion for creative direction, branding and print design led him to where he is today. He also has a soft spot for Academic Design writing. He is always excited to expand into other fields like discursive and critical design; Anything that goes against the grain really.


The Design Monastery

Speculative Design exploration of self-discipline in the creative industry.

This speculative project asks the question “what if designers were so committed to their creative jobs that they formed a cult of designers?” A commentary on the system of design capitalism we now live in and how creatives might find themselves involved in it. The creative industry tends to be viewed as one where the workers are driven by passion as well as one with more autonomy for it’s workers. So instead of viewing the problem as one where exploitation happens solely by corporations, this project takes a look into the designers’ motivations and self-involvement in imposing these capitalistic ideals onto themselves.

  • Digital Fabrication
  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication