Ashley approaches design with a hint of humour and aims to create things that are visually impactful and yet provocative. She believes that design is a tool for self-expression and simultaneously for breaching topics that are more often than not, taboo. She especially enjoys experimenting with editorial design and typography which is apparent in her works. She derives joy from playing First-person shooter games and Esports and nerding herself out in the lore of fantasy literature and films.



A commentary on performative expressions of grief and its authenticity on social media

The use of social media has now become a part of everyday life, to share and express one’s feelings. This includes the expression of grief on social media. This project intends on analysing how grief is expressed for a deceased public figure, a spectacle so widely exposed to the public, the genuinity of grief presented. With the death of a public figure, the project offers to analyse the relationship between authenticity of one’s expression of grief, in relation to the depth of the relationship one may have with the public figure, as well as the contemporary social conventions in the expression of grief in a virtual public space. This work also makes use of the visual tropes most commonly used in death-related media online, also known as The Grief Aesthetic. The project carries a provocative objective intended on evoking introspection for one’s social media behaviour, through the use of a sardonic and sarcastic tone throughout the collaterals.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
  • Social Media