My name is Christine Natalia Lee. I'm a Korean-Indonesian graphic designer and currently 21 years old. I'm currently completing my 3-year bachelors on visual communications in Lasalle. I have aspirations of pursuing a career in graphic design primarily on food & beverage. With hope, my hard work and dedication may lead me to my passion.


Badan Kamu Suara Kami - To Open Conversations about Female Circumcision

A campaign which builds a community to open conversations about the harms of female circumcision

To design a community to open conversations about female circumcision and its harmful impact towards women and girls. The conservative and patriarchal culture has enclosed all discussions regarding especially in Indonesia where conversing about the sex organ is considered a taboo. The design outcome will assist audience in understanding the underlying issue of gender inequality embedded in the practice and how the practice has impacted every individual’s viewpoint in life, physically and mentally.

  • Exhibition and Installation
  • Social Media
  • Community