I'm Mingjie, about to graduate from LASALLE with a Bachelor of Arts in Design Communication. I am adept at handling multiple tasks on a daily basis competently, remaining focused even under pressure, and accepting negative feedback and learning from it. I am passionate about Ul/UX and graphic design, and seeking full-time opportunities in these areas, hope to further my expertise and take on increased responsibility.



Improving dementia care through empathetic, person-centered design and post-diagnostic support

DemiCare is a person-centered healthcare service designed to support families with individuals aged 60-65 experiencing mild-stage dementia. Co-designed with Changi General Hospital in Singapore, DemiCare provides comprehensive and compassionate care. It aims to promote positive health-seeking behaviors and empower PWD to access early care services by increasing post-diagnostic touchpoints and encouraging engagement with supportive care services. DemiCare offers a personalized care plan for each patient that includes recommendations for activities, exercise, and social engagement. The service is easy to use and can be accessed through a variety of platforms, including the DemiTalk QR code and the DemiCare website. It provides a supportive platform for communication with healthcare professionals and a knowledge base that pools resources to enhance the quality of life of PWD and their caregivers, reducing anxiety and restoring confidence.

  • Interaction
  • User Experience
  • Community