Pearl is an aspiring graphic designer, illustrator and alleged 'crazy cat lady' based in Singapore. With a degree in Design Communication from LASALLE College of The Arts. Her collaborative nature and love for sharing ideas with her peers make her a valuable asset to any creative team. Beyond her professional work, Pearl uses her design and storytelling skills to create immersive experiences for her players as an avid gamemaster of tabletop role-playing games, showcasing her passion for bringing stories to life through design.


Key Peace

A Game and a Wellness app in one.

Key Peace is a mobile application designed to promote mental health awareness among Singaporean youths aged 18-25 that are suffering from self-esteem issues. By using gamification and character creation, the app provides an engaging and convenient way for users to understand their mental health better with others. The app's primary goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for users struggling with self-esteem issues. It achieves this through gameplay mechanics, autonomy, and storytelling, which enhance the immersive experience. In addition to the app, a booklet titled 'Logs Within' is included to introduce the target audience to the project and help them better understand the problem.

  • Technology
  • Interaction
  • User Experience
  • Community