Rachel is a visual communicator who believes that design provides a strong agency in challenging our preconceptions which in turn inspires us to constantly reimagine the everyday. With a human-centric methodology, she pursues this through a rigorous process of research as well as a multi-disciplinary approach in order to create impact that is meaningful. In her free time, she enjoys slowly catching up to the vast storytelling of the anime One Piece.


Reimagining Cosmopolis

Redefining Singapore’s cosmopolitanism through the experiences of Malaysian blue collar workers

Reimagining Cosmopolis seeks to redefine Singapore’s exclusionary interpretation of a cosmopolis through the experiences of the transnational migrant working class by examining the spatial politics specifically in this highly curated setting. By subverting the current views of cosmopolitanism in hopes to have a more emancipatory outlook, a study on the transient nature and spatial mobility of Malaysian blue collar workers are examined to investigate how these bodies that sweat, those that endure arduous labor, are treated and rendered invisible. With this, this project also proposes a placemaking initiative that hopes to build a sense of belonging and place despite the impermanent nature of a migrant worker in Singapore as an inquiry to how power is projected on a micro scale and mundane space such as a bus stop.

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