I have always been a social media junkie. I love the power of connecting with people from all over the world and learning about their lives and cultures, and I really enjoy using social media to help others get in touch with other communities. Being deeply captivated in pursuing a career in social media and digital marketing, I hope to use my skills to help people feel more connected to their communities in the future.


Let's ActNow!

Combating the rise of Slacktivism and misinformation from aesthetic-driven informational designs by creating a secure platform for mental health information and community.

Stylish designs are gaining popularity in conveying socio-political messages. But, this emphasis on aesthetics may lead to ignoring false information and promoting slacktivism, where youths engage for the aesthetic appeal instead of the message. A secure space has been established for mental health advocates, influencers, and learners to work together and gain knowledge, all within a platform accessible to millions of users.

  • User Experience
  • Community
  • Social Media