Elyjah Renon is a graphic designer and self-taught illustrator based in Singapore who aims to hone her skills and expand her design knowledge. Her skills pertain to illustration but is always open to learning new things and developing new skills. Her passion lies in her primary hobby of tabletop games, especially in Dungeons and Dragons. Elyjah is also passionate about exploring various niche media and discovering their value through tackling such topics with design thinking.


Joey Isn't Real

Joey isn’t Real is a project that explores brand entertainment through Vtubers.

A project that delves into the creation of the virtual entity, Joey, a persona existing solely within a digital sphere and uses different technologies to bring her to life. The project further explores the usage of these means to craft a unique brand entertainment experience that not only advertises Joey herself as a character and an online creator but advertises LASALLE College of the Arts in tandem through Joey’s brand narratives.

  • Advertising
  • Branding and Identity
  • Social Media