Determined to learn and challenge herself to new experiences, Celine is a designer who designs for the people, varying from sensory to experiential design, her focus is on creating experiences that result in happiness, and is constantly learning and refining her skills in order to achieve this goal. Despite her perceived lack of professional experience, she compensates by being a holistic leader who has built strong connections with her peers.


Gamified Generation

Creating gamified campaigns catered to Gen Z in Singapore for engaging experiences

The project aims to investigate the behaviours and preferences of Gen Zs in Singapore, with a focus on gamification as a means of engagement. By delivering insights into the diversity of the Gen Z population, the project emphasises the importance of targeting specific subsets to create a more effective marketing campaign. The project includes two mock campaigns for Nissin Cup Noodle and KOI bubble tea, aimed at overcoming oversaturation in both markets by appealing to the Enjoyer and Farmer types of Gen Zs, respectively. Nissin Cup Noodle aims to attract Gen Z Enjoyers to their new BIG Cup Noodle flavours using a marketing campaign that features an absurdly big Cup Noodle, designed to follow an online trend, where Disneyland visitors try to lift the Sword in the Stone. In this case, the campaign invites customers to lift up the supposedly heavier noodle portion to find out if they are “hungry” enough. Not only does this campaign embodies Nissin's unpredictability, it also aligns with its brand personality. Utilizing KOI's mobile ordering system and mascot design to attract Farmer-type Gen Zs, this next campaign aims to gamify the waiting experience by challenging customers to make their drink faster than their 'Bearista' and level up by completing all drink combinations and evolving their Top-pets (Topping pets). The pixel style design adds nostalgia and engages the Core Drive Meaning to connect players with the mascots.

  • Advertising
  • Interaction
  • User Experience