Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and now continuing her journey in Singapore, Fara is a creative individual and emerging designer. Fara spends most of her time getting inspired to keep her productive throughout the day. She combines her passion for art and business digital marketing to bring a fresh creative perspective to the table. Check out her portfolio and connect with Fara!



Connecting luxury brands and creators on a new inclusive Instagram feature

Inhouse is a digital platform that aims to transform how luxury brands, creators, and consumers interact. With a strong emphasis on authenticity and inclusivity, Inhouse provides users with a seamless and engaging experience. From its explore page showcasing popular and trending posts to the membership program that fosters a vibrant community, Inhouse offers unique features that connect fashion enthusiasts with brands and ambassadors. The platform's Instagram shop and catalogue enhance the shopping experience, while innovative features like 3D viewing on Instagram Stories and AI product try-on provide interactive and realistic product exploration. By prioritizing user needs and incorporating feedback, Inhouse strives to create a loyal user base that values creativity, authenticity, and social responsibility. Whether discovering new brands, participating in discussions, or enjoying exclusive access to promotions and events, Inhouse creates a space where luxury fashion meets a diverse and inclusive community of passionate consumers.

  • Branding and Identity
  • User Experience
  • Social Media