Yun Jeong Lee is a creative Communication Designer, passionate about crafting engaging, intuitive experiences tailored to different cultural backgrounds. With experience in advertising and design, she understands user needs and the importance of cultural sensitivity. Yun Jeong values user-centered design, problem-solving, and clear communication, aiming for a positive impact on people and sustainability. Emphasizing her empathetic nature, Yun Jeong dedicates her free time to nurturing human connections through photography and supporting children's causes with heartfelt volunteer work. She is proficient in Korean and English and holds Adobe certifications.


The Future of Doomsday Scrolling with Zombified Users

Using animation to combat doomsday scrolling and promote healthier habits, with physical tools.

The negative impact of doomsday scrolling on mental health is a pressing issue, especially among Generation Z. My project aims to shed light on this issue and promote healthy social media habits by utilizing the power of animation and creative videos. Through the Zombify toolkit and other physical resources, we aim to empower users to take control of their scrolling habits and combat the cycle of doomsday scrolling. After conducting extensive research, we have concluded that the addictive nature of short-form video content on TikTok is a major contributor to doomsday scrolling behavior. It is essential to raise awareness of this issue and promote healthy habits for technology consumption among TikTok users. Ultimately, our project seeks to provide valuable insights and solutions for the next generation of entertainment. By fostering a positive and productive relationship with social media, we can help create a healthier and more fulfilling digital experience. Join us in this effort to combat doomsday scrolling and promote mental well-being among TikTok users.

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