Hi! my name is Michelle Angeline Yanuar and I'm a visual designer from Indonesia who is passionate in illustrations, animations and motion graphics. My focus lies in crafting captivating and vibrant animations that breathe life into stories, often intertwining playful illustrations that accentuate the animation's message.


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The challenges of building an art career on social media

Everybody now has the chance to grow their audience thanks to social media. However, there are challenges to overcome when it comes to the issue of becoming visible as a new creative creator. These problems might encourage people to neglect originality in order to fit into the algorithm. Promoting the idea among creatives on the platform that achieving success entails making content that goes viral or gaining a massive following. For this reason, being authentic and having a genuine connection with others is valued in order to stand out in the extensive social media market.

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and Identity
  • Illustration