Hello, I'm Li-Ying (Riya), an illustrator and designer interested in UI/UX design. I'll be graduating with a BA (Hons) in Design Communication from Lasalle College of the Arts. Originally from New Taipei City, Taiwan, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Commercial Design. I have experience as a freelance artist under my brand name, Cat Box, and have worked as a graphic designer in Taiwan for a year. Additionally, I completed a 3-month internship in Singapore's design field.



Keeping in balance for a more positive lifestyle.

The main goal of the project was to create an application that would improve Young Chinese individuals who have adopted the' Bai Lan' behaviour and the application would help them maintain a more positive and balanced lifestyle. A lot of Chinese Gen Zs have engaged in the 'Bai Lan' movement. Many of them have also expressed frustration with their behaviour. Due to the societal stress and challenges to excel as young adults, they are unable to truly relax as they know that 'Bai Lan' only exacerbates their anxiety by leaving problems unresolved. There is also a lack of effective methods to tackle their issues as young individuals navigate themselves through the digital world. Since these young Gen Zs are already using digital tools, the goal is to create a mobile application to encourage users to avoid procrastination and take full advantage of their 'Bai Lan' time and offer a unique time management and self-improvement approach. Pandazone is a time management tool that utilises the Pomodoro technique and gamification elements to help users improve themselves more engagingly during their leisure time. The design features humorous illustrations, making it a valuable tool for relaxation and personal growth.

  • Branding and Identity
  • User Experience
  • Illustration