Ying Jia is a multimedia designer with a background in film. Her design practice and works revolve around creating different perspectives of everyday motifs and objects. She is passionate about using her skills to create engaging and impactful experiences and enjoys being part of the creative process. She once completed a six-month overseas design internship in Cambodia.


Fructus Decalcomania

A study of fruit stickers through a series of digital and physical explorations.

Fruit stickers have been around since the late 1920s. Their inexpensive printing costs and mediacy play a critical role in their functionality as a means of advertising. They are stylish seals of approval and visual ephemera that we have seen, encountered, and, for the most part, taken for granted. Despite their initial popularity, these minor transient documents of everyday life are now part of an under-appreciated discourse of ephemera. Fructus Decalcomania revolves around the study of fruit stickers through a series of physical and digital explorations. It looks to reflect and question the role and qualities of fruit stickers as curious objects, dynamic communication mediums and print ephemera.

  • Print and Publication
  • Craft and Making
  • Artefacts