A recent graduate and highly driven individual, eager for new learning opportunities in the design and advertising space. Creating is at the heart of everything I do – I draw inspiration from life, K-pop, social media and cultural trends that I use to experiment and push myself to develop my skills in new ways. Past work includes brands like: Singapore Tourism Board, Disney, KFC, and Spotify.



A design project that explores the image and personality of K-pop artists, and the creative and commercial forces that shape the K-pop industry.

The K-pop industry is all about image. From the moment an idol is first introduced to the public, their image is carefully crafted and marketed to appeal to a specific audience. This image can be anything from cute and innocent to sexy and provocative. One of the most successful K-pop idols at portraying multiple personas is Hoshi from Seventeen. Hoshi is known for his energetic and charismatic stage presence, but he has also shown a more vulnerable and emotional side in his solo work. This ability to switch between different personas has helped Hoshi to appeal to a wide range of fans. In this design project, I will explore the ways in which K-pop imagery is used to sell idols. I will focus on Hoshi as a case study, and I will examine how his image has evolved over time. I will also discuss the potential impact of K-pop imagery on the personalities of idols. This project is important because it sheds light on the creative and commercial forces that shape the K-pop industry. It also provides a deeper understanding of the ways in which K-pop idols are marketed to fans around the world.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
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