Hello, Iā€™m Dominic. I am a graphic/motion designer with five years of freelance working experience. I have a degree in Design Communication from LASALLE College of the Arts and a diploma in Animation. I am enthusiastic and hardworking. I love thinking of creative ways to solve problems and am always finding opportunities to better develop my skills. I'm a team player that enjoys working with others. My favourite aspect of working is seeing the finished product of a project once it has been developed from concept to conclusion.


Unmasking the Mascot

Creating awareness on how food mascots utilise anthropomorphism to influence children

Food advertising mascots are ever prevalent in our modern society and are often anthropomorphized. Anthropomorphism is a natural tendency for humans, especially children. Brands use this inclination in their mascots to promote their often unhealthy food offerings. When ingested in excess, they might cause health problems. As anthropomorphism is the imposition of human characteristics on non-human entities, this project will transform these mascots into more 'human' beings. Brand mascots are combined with their respective CEOs, creating realistic, unsettling hybrids known as 'Manscots'. These are displayed on the packaging of the food products. The text on these packaging will also be changed to describe how that brand employs anthropomorphism in their mascot as well as the health risks linked with consuming the product. The aim of this project is to raise awareness in parents on how brands use anthropomorphism to advertise unhealthy food products to their children, and the potential consequences.

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding and Identity
  • Craft and Making