I am Samantha, a graphic designer offering bespoke creative solutions based in Singapore. My main skill set is in brand, art direction, and digital design, but I am also adept in photography, print, and interior design.‍ Enthusiastic and outgoing, I am constantly looking for new adventures and opportunities to develop unique design systems. I am also a hands-on learner that is passionate about all things in the context of crafting.



Empowering the under-represented queer community through the medium of cross-stitch

TypeStitch is a research project investigating how craft can be used as an alternative approach to traditional activism for the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore’s strictly regulated political climate. By experimenting with craft’s materiality, the project explores the translation of messages into textile patterns using the craft technique of cross-stitching. In contrast to the traditional activist use of protest banners to convey a message, the delivery through clothing is much more covert, maintaining the same level of exposure for the message delivered, while not compromising on the users’ safety.

  • Graphic Design
  • Craft and Making
  • Typography