Sherrell is a graphic designer and multimedia artist whose designs primarily aim to evoke curiosity and inspire others to act. As a free-spirited individual, she often experiments with new mediums and pushes herself to work outside of her comfort zone. Outside of design, she spends most of her free time dancing, catching up on sleep, and chronicling her days.


Inked Identities

An exploration of the relationship between tattoos and identity.

Tattoos have become commonplace in our contemporary society. These permanent marks serve as continual reminders, communicate stories, symbolise cultural allusions, and allow people to express their feelings and views. In an increasingly complicated and fractured world where change is the only constant, the personal anchors required for identification are being lost. Tattoos may serve as this anchor, visually promoting one’s identity. Inked Identities explores the body as canvas, and dissects tattoos as tools in reconstructing identity and as positive coping mechanisms in healing from trauma. Through a series of explorations and works, tattooing was discovered to be a controlled manifestation of our inner persona and the ultimate ownership of one's individuality and uniqueness.

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