As a designer, Kelly Lorena seeks to venture into intuitive, user-centric designs with focus on UX/UI and UX Research. With a commitment to creating meaningful solutions, Kelly's design approach centers on creating seamless interfaces that facilitate users' needs and goals. She also welcomes new challenges that help broaden her design proficiencies. Beyond her love for all things design, she enjoys reading about human behaviour and moral philosophy, which further informs her work and allows for more empathetic solutions.


Web Brutalism

Brutalism Meets Web Design: A Raw Rebellion Against Conformity

‘Web Brutalism’ is an exploratory project that examines the principles of Brutalist Architecture and its growing adoption in Web Design. Through qualitative case study analysis on existing brutalist websites, the project identifies three categories prevalent in both mediums: Constraint, Anti-ist, and the Appropriation of these two principles. These micro-styles serve as a framework for curating, analysing, and developing Brutalist websites. Thus, the project culminates in several deliverables that showcase the Appropriation categories of Web Brutalism, including an informative book, an ‘ASCII’ zine, a ‘Brutalist Pixelator’ coded in p5.js, and a LASALLE website recreation showcasing the philosophy in practice. The aim of these deliverables is to present a raw and truthful alternative to the monotony of cookie-cutter websites by highlighting the imperfect and unprocessed aspects of design. However, it is important to acknowledge that Web Brutalism may not be the be-all and end-all. As with any trend, there is always the possibility of it being replaced by a new and emerging design aesthetic. Nonetheless, such a shift in design philosophy has the potential to stir web designers and enthusiasts towards creating user experiences and interfaces that prioritise authenticity and memorability, even if they might be considered unconventional or ridiculous.

  • Interaction
  • User Experience