Dinang Rifa is an Indonesian born designer and illustrator with an immense passion for drawing and creating. His works aim to examine various topics which are often ignored or overlooked, ranging from societal issues to simple investigation of things such as comic panels. He values criticality above all else and often questions the nature of endless innovations and “sacrifices”, arguing that we often overlook the implications of such actions when considering human ethics and morality.


Beyond Panels

An examination of comic panels beyond its the conventions related to it

The essence of this project is to examine panels through a critical lens by engaging with its core function in ways that are unusual and beyond the limited grids. Panels by nature are often understood as a series boxes containing images within a sequence to create a narrative or communicate an idea of sorts. This project looks into expanding beyond a grid and engaging with the panels and its elements so that its function doesn’t limit itself to just to establish a scene―rather it itself is a component that affects the contents of the works.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
  • Illustration