Huda is an aspiring visual communication and multidisciplinary designer who is passionate about pushing the limits of her creativity. She is always seeking opportunities to experiment with a range of mediums and techniques, driven by her love for experimentation and a never-ending pursuit of self-improvement. Huda is committed to honing her skills and making a lasting impact through her work. In her free time, Huda enjoys going on small dates and trying new foods, often embarking on food hunts with her mum.


Interwoven Motifs

Innovating Malay weaving with 3D sculptural exploration and motifs.

Interwoven Motifs' is an innovative project that aims to explore the realm of three-dimensional sculptural weaving while preserving the traditional craft of weaving that has been an integral part of Malay culture for generations. Through a spontaneous combination and application of different weaving techniques, the project creates abstract forms that interact with an array of colours and Malay motifs, giving rise to unique and eye-catching sculptures. The project's approach goes beyond the conventional weaving practices and seeks to transcend the confines of weaving techniques rooted in Malay culture. The innovative approach aims to revitalise and preserve the weaving craft while coming up with new patterns using Malay motifs. Through 'Interwoven Motifs,' the project aims to underscore the significance of crafts in maintaining cultural heritage for future generations, and contribute to the preservation of this endangered field and its associated knowledge and skills.

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