Myungjin is a visual communicator and illustrator who is passionate about printed manner, visual identity, drawings, and photography. Since she is able to manage a wide range of approaches in design, her works highlight the story and idea of the project.


Reconstructed Nature

Singapore; The Garden City can be reconstructed through the visual experimentation of design.

Through the series of visual experimentation, the nature in Singapore shows the blurred relationship between people, nature, and urban landscape. The nature in Singapore has several distinctive characteristics compared to other countries. Referring to the national vision, known as a 'Garden City', we can see that nature and the urban landscape coexist with people. For instance, quite often the buildings include plants and greenery areas. Or the nature in Singapore is strictly controlled by regulations. Even those who live in Singapore seem quite familiar with living in this unfamiliar environment. To the eyes of the foreigner’s, this landscape is not only intriguing politically but also visually. The aim of the project is exploring how nature has been constructed in Singapore and moreover, how it can be visually reconstructed through visual experimentation. Not using an architectural approach or 3D format, this project is focusing on discovering the type of nature currently suggested by Singapore and conducting the visual experimentation of reconstructing it. This research will follow a synthetic approach, rather than a practical approach to discuss the phenomenon. Through this project, viewers can get various insights into the topic through the design outcomes.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Publication
  • Illustration