Hi, I am Sanjukta Basu, a graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts pursuing (BA Hons) Design Communication. Aspiring to be specialised in the field of visual and brand design, I have worked on a variety of digital works over the course of my schooling. Passionate about this field, I am a keen and inquisitive person who is willing to learn and create more. My Final Year Project, is thus, another collection of the works I have done to communicate a particular story.


The Balloon Project

This project spreads awareness about the issue of balloon pollution through the means of interactive storytelling in data visualisation.

This project is designed to provide a clear overview of the problem and impact of balloon pollution on the environment and marine life. Comprising of an infographic poster, 3D visualisation models and an interactive visualisation, the project focuses on an interactive narration where users can thus engage with the visualised data and become aware about the issue of balloon pollution.

  • Interaction
  • User Experience
  • Computation